De Ragdoll


The Ragdoll is a large, roughly-built semi-longhaired cat. He is not fully grown and colored until his third birthday. An adult female weighs 4-6 kilo, a male 5-8 kilo. The Ragdoll is like the Siamese cats pointed (Himalayan), this means that the points (legs, ears, mask, tail) are colored, while the body color is lighter. The eye color is blue.

Hair care

The Ragdoll is a semi-longhaired cat with a coat that is easy to care for. The coat is silky and in normal circumstances it doesn't tangle . Once a week brushing / combing lightly is basically adequate, but when shedding it is recommended that to brush or comb the cat several times to remove dead hairs and prevent hairballs.

Paterns en color

The Ragdoll exists in the following colors:

  • bleu
  • seal
  • creme
  • red
  • lilac
  • chocolat

Their are different paterns possible:

  • colourpoint
  • mitted
  • bicolour
  • lynx
  • tortie (only with females)