our first litter is expected around 21/3 

Visits and reservations only on appointment!!

All our kittens our being observed until they are 8 weeks old (with visits to the vet and 1st vaccination and chip)
Because pregnant lady's, young kittens and their mothers are very vulnarable, we are only having visits when the kittens are 8 weeks old.

we ask that u don't visit any other cattery's the they u come and visit us (contamination danger)
Pet and showalters will leave us neutered(around the age of 14/15weeks)
Our kittens have had a beautifull imprinting time and are:
european pasport
have a contract to protect the kitten and gives warranty on hereditary diseases
kittens for breeding will only be sold to registered cattery's outside the benelux with exception of cattery's we know for some time and have the same breeding policy
more info on the contactpage

Expected kittens see planning

Kittens with showquality are under evaluation untill they are 12 weeks of age!

For more information please look at our contactpage!