All of these Ragdolls are in order with their vaccination en neutering and had a beautifull show career.


  • 1/a rehomer is not a give-away ragdoll
  • 2/if your not serious, please do not contact us.


  • 1/A loving home, where someone is always at home or works part-time only
  • 2/No small children who annoy the cat, a cat is not a toy
  • 3/unconditional hugging, time and attention
  • 4/for more information about these Ragdolls contact us only via email


Lilac lynx mitted teddybear born 10/05/2016 This sweety is a very soft teddy that doesn't like being alone.

La Belleza Ragdolls Coukie

seal point mitted born: 26/10/2017 Coukie is a young sweetie

La Belleza Ragdolls Liu-Jo

blue lynx bicolor born 6/5/2013

La Belleza Ragdolls Tiffany

Blue lynx Point born 05/04/2015